Spring Clean Your Blog

Written by Alex on February 18th, 2015

Crocuses are showing their beautiful sunny petals and there's more light and longer days here. So I turn to not just Spring cleaning but a radical replanning of all my online businesses. The biggest part of that is to get all my blogs in order – looking at content, themes and plugins.

The easiest part of this is probably the plugins so I'll be posting quite a few short posts on considerations about plugins.

On the one hand I love plugins and on the other – the more you have the more updating, tweaking and potentially security hassles you have too!

The first decision is to look at improving WordPress itself – its rather horrible and Spartan text editor. I got to hate Tiny MCE years ago on another software – not even WordPress so the first thing I usually do if I can is to replace it.

For this blog I chose "CKEditor". To me it looks a million times better and is easier and more functional.

Next is to check the security plugins.

The very first consideration is to install a backup plugin. Just like hard drive failure is not a possibility but a certainty hacking is a certainty too. Since a blog can be easily reinstalled then the possession of at least a database backup can be easily scheduled once a week and the backup stored in your hosting space, your hard drive or drop. A simple solution I have used for years is the WP DB Backup by Austin Matzko.

After that the simplest level of protection is a login protector such as Login Lockdown. It comes with some options but the default settings are OK. I tweak them to allow a small number of failed logins and a lockout period that is longer than the default.

There are of course many types of hack – the login is the most direct. More complex hacks need a more more complex plugin such as Bad Behavior. by Michael Hampton.

Finally we get to top level security plugins and I'll write about those on my "newbie" blog.



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Foliopress Plugin

Written by Alex on August 17th, 2010

Odd that everybody seems to love the built in editor in WordPress – the so called Tiny MCE. This is the editor that drives a load of users nuts when they encounter it in the LFM script.

In WordPress it seems to more or less behave itself but as an editor it seems very primitive and I suspect most people do not use it at all but use LiveWriter or some work around.

For this post I am using the plugin in the title and it changes the text editor a lot and we’ll see after I publish this, if the change is for the better.

It has fewer menu buttons than Tiny but seems to do a better job – I’m impatient to see so it’s time to publish…

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Fatal Errrors and how to survive them

Written by Alex on August 8th, 2010

I made my first fatal errors when I did my first programming course…back in 1970. Back then we were doing Fortran programming and walked around with stacks of punched cards. Each card had holes in it that held the instructions in that line of the proggramme.

I used to get “Fatal Error 64″ a lot. As ya can see I survived to tell the tale Click to continue »

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