Aug 08

Fatal Errrors and how to survive them

I made my first fatal errors when I did my first programming course…back in 1970. Back then we were doing Fortran programming and walked around with stacks of punched cards. Each card had holes in it that held the instructions in that line of the proggramme.

I used to get “Fatal Error 64″ a lot. As ya can see I survived to tell the tale

A fatal error is one that will “kill” the programme. Not usually a big deal  – depends on the programme.

Well I got a ton of these pesky fatal errors yesterday on my allergy blog.

My fault entirely of course! I had a day of tweaking themes and plugins and had exhausted the low limit set on a wee programme called php.ini and not knowing how to reset it or refresh it I was and still am locked out of that blog.

I have been shown a ton of gobblydekook on all this in the so called “Knowledge Base” and frankly it’s not for me. If hostmonster support can’t fix it for me I’ll move it to another host. I just don’t have the time to go through a php handbook -even a simple one!

We shall see.

Had any fatal errors?

Do tell!